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Robin Friedman : author and journalist


Some definitions of terms mentioned in the article "Talk to Your Teen About..."

Pearl Necklace:

When a male ejaculates around a female's neck and shoulders. Origin is unknown, but the term has been mentioned on the HBO hit series SEX AND THE CITY.

Rainbow Party:

A group oral sex party.
Females wear different shades of lipsticks and perform oral sex on males, leaving behind color rings that resemble a "rainbow."

Experts are not sure whether rainbow parties really exist. But both The NEW YORK TIMES and The WASHINGTON POST have published articles about them. All agree, however, that if they do exist, they're quite rare. Most teens, and almost all adults, have never heard the term. A teen novel called RAINBOW PARTY, published by Simon & Schuster in 2005, explored the issue in a fictitious context.

Rainbow Bracelet:

A bracelet worn by a female that uses color codes to indicate on how many males she's performed oral sex. This is another term that experts are not sure depicts something that truly exists.